Are you ready to jump in and start serving at WestGate Church?

Have you been thinking about joining a serve team at WestGate Church but aren’t sure where to serve or how to get started? Here’s your chance to learn more about some of our ministries. You can browse our Opportunities to Serve Booklet to see what kinds of things we do around WestGate Church and see if any might be a fit for you.


Serve Opportunities

There are many opportunities and there is bound to be something that fits your schedule, talents, and interests. Whether it’s playing guitar, or playing with little ones; waving at cars, or hugging people: we offer you opportunities to serve that range from a few times a year to every week.  Check out the complete list in this booklet.

Match Me Form

If you're interested in serving, please fill out this form, and we'll match you up with something cool.

Spiritual Gifts + Serving

There are many ways to use your spiritual gifts and in many different areas. The following is a list that can be used to help people discern their fit. Note that not all combinations are listed and that peoples natural talents, along with passions and experiences also may help to clarify what area of service within the body might be a good fit for them. Check out the list below, and also take the “Spiritual Gifts Test” if you’d like some guidance on what your “Spiritual Gifts” might be.