WestGate is a community of people who are learning to love Jesus and live Jesus.



“Thanks for your interest into who we are, what we believe and digging a little deeper. If I were to talk to you about our values, I would begin by saying I have a strong desire to “do” church in such a way that we encourage one another to live as Jesus lived. In Jesus’ language, this is called “discipleship” - but often times we talk about it as being an apprenticeship. We think Jesus is calling us to not only believe what He believed and taught, but to live as He lived. This is the heart of WestGate Church.”

Steve Clifford, Lead Pastor




We’re a different kind of church, concerned with more than just hanging out with each other on Sunday. We are experiencing God’s presence, engaging deeply within our community, and serving our neighbors. 

At WestGate Church, we call this



The student is not above the teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like their teacher.

luke 6:40