Wonder — Week 4


Our life is basically made on the basis of your choices. Is this the right person to hire? Is this the right career for you? Is this the right person to marry?  And every most of those situations, the options in front of you are many, most are moral, most are legal, most are allowable and yet most of them aren’t wise. So we need guidance to help us make decisions.  The authors of Scripture (especially the authors of the Wisdom Literature in the Old Testament) imply two things: 1: that wisdom is available to anyone who seeks it and 2. Wisdom is not an impersonal force, but is actually an attribute (that flows from the essence) of God The Creator Himself.  Therefore, to gain any wisdom at all requires humility, but to truly gain wisdom requires knowing the Source of Wisdom, who is God Himself.  This week, lead pastor Steve Clifford examines the attribute of God’s wisdom, and how we can become a people who are wise.

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