Upside Down Kingdom - Week 2


In Luke 6, things really get going in the story.  Jesus of Nazareth is about to start a three-year stint of highly public teaching, miracles and adventures.  But before he does, he chooses a crew of 12 young men to be His first apostles - a motley crew of cast-offs and ne’er-do-wells, ranging from some local fishermen to a Roman tax collector to a political zealot.  These “first-round draft picks” of Jesus don’t seem hardly at all like five-star recruits. But even more than that, in Luke 6, Jesus begins to lay out what His Kingdom is all about, and what “success” looks like for Him, and His followers.  As Jesus begins to teach, His particular picture of what life with Him and with God takes shape and it’s so counter-cultural and so upside down that it’s still utterly baffling and mesmerizing today.