The Six40 Life Series - Week 4


In the final week of our series on living like Jesus taught us to, we’ll examine an important word. Serving. Perhaps when you hear the word “serving” you think of chores - things you have to do that aren’t fun, and will never be fun. And although there are times in any family when things simply have to get done, for the most part, that’s not what Jesus is inviting us to. First off, Jesus links the word “serving” to the idea of “leadership” - meaning that if you want to truly make an impact on this world, you must serve. Some people even use the term “servant leadership” but this is a misnomer because it implies there’s any other type. There’s not. And Jesus also linked serving to “joy” - meaning that when you do what God has designed you to do to help other people, you come alive in ways you can’t imagine. Campus pastors explain this, and outline all the different ways you can jump in to try serving.

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