Roadside Assistance - Week 1


In 2018, the health care provider Cigna wanted to investigate the link between loneliness and health risks. This new research makes an argument that loneliness isn’t just sad, it’s actually killing us. This year, 45,000 Americans will take their lives, and more than 70,000 will die from drug overdoses. But it’s not just national statistics.  The Bay Area is filled with people, who when polled, say things like, “Life is moving too fast” or “I have to work more hours than I would like” or “I struggle with home/work balance” or “I feel alone a lot of the time” or “I wish I spent more time with the people I love the most.” What does it mean for those of us living in the modern world when we start to feel deeply disconnected from ourselves, and from other people? In this message, lead pastor Steve Clifford searches for wisdom from the Bible and the teachings of Jesus, and offers meaningful, helpful steps that each of us can take toward authentic connections.

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