Going Public - Week 4


We all remember what it was like in elementary school to be excluded from that group of friends because you “weren’t cool enough.”  Or to be picked last for the kickball team.

It just doesn’t feel good.  

But the truth is, kids aren’t the only ones who play favorites - adults do this, too.  In fact, you could make a case that human tribalism ("I’m in this group, and you’re not") happens all the time.  

But Jesus radically modeled a different form of community, and the first century church did this too.  

This week, worship leader Josh Fox examines the strong words of James who says that favoritism simply cannot be a reality in any community that’s striving to be a family like Jesus commanded.  In this, Josh talks about what favoritism is (and isn't). How it creeps into our lives. Why it's bad. And how to get rid of it.

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