Exodus—Week 8


In the story of Exodus, when Yahweh commissions Moses to lead His people to freedom out from under the oppressive rule of the tyrannical and murderous Pharaoh, Yahweh says he “knows” Pharaoh will resist and that (because of this) Yawheh will harden Pharaoh’s heart.  


Did God harden Pharaoh’s heart?  If so, is Pharaoh morally culpable?  And what does that mean about God? Can God harden MY heart? Has he hardened my loved ones heart? Is there a point of no return when God gives up on a person and hardens their heart?  What does this mean for Free Will and Human Agency?

Big questions indeed.  So big, we decided to have a roundtable discussion.  Host David Tieche engages author/pastor Joshua Ryan Butler, author/speaker Liz Ditty and pastor Jay Kim to help make sense of these difficult passages and their troubling implications.

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ExodusKevan Long