Exodus—Week 6


Most of us assume that Moses was like Superman from day one, parting the Red Sea with one hand tied behind his back.  But in Exodus 4-7, we see Moses...arguing with God?  That’s right, Moses is talking back, listing reason after reason why he can’t do the (seemingly) impossible thing God’s asked him to do.  Moses turns out to be very much like us, filled with fears and excuses.  And even though we might not ever lead an oppressed people to freedom, our ordinary lives are filled with a chance to respond to the very same invitation that God made to Moses: sacrificially give of your life to help other people.  And if we say “yes” to this invitation, we find out that God is waiting to help us.  And we find out that real heroes are nothing more than people who have clear and unwavering focus on loving God and helping God’s people.

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ExodusKevan Long