Exodus—Week 4


We often think of Moses as almost a super-human hero in the Biblical story, kind of like Superman without the cape (but with a staff).  But the truth is, Moses, as we meet him early in the story of Exodus, has some deep and real flaws.  And in this part of the story, we find that God is far more concerned with Moses’ character than He is with getting things done quickly.  And so Moses enters into God’s Graduate School for Character.  And the coursework is brutal.  It includes Obscurity, Discomfort, Solitude and Time.  Things we’d never choose.  But if we invite God into the conversation, those things can produce things in us that are impossible to get via shortcut.  To quote Christine Caine, “We live in an Instagram world, but God is a dark-room kind of God.”

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ExodusKevan Long