To get things started, fill out our premarital mentoring request form. At WestGate Church, we believe that  building a strong foundation for your marriage is key. Part of this process includes participating in a premarital mentoring program.  Once you have submitted your premarital mentoring request form, we will contact you to set up a meeting with Dave Larson, our Care Pastor.




Premarital Mentoring Q+A

What type of curriculum/workbook do you use for premarital mentoring?

We use Prepare & Enrich curriculum. You can find out more about Prepare & Enrich on their website.

Why is this called premarital mentoring instead of premarital counseling?

At WestGate Church, we have a team of married mentor couples that have gone through Prepare & Enrich training in order to best guide and disciple engaged couples. While these mentor couples are not licensed counselors, they will be able to mentor you and your fiance by providing you with real-world examples and stories from their own lives. 

We really want a WestGate pastor to do our premarital mentoring. Can we make special requests?

In some cases, we can arrange to have a WestGate pastor work with you for premarital mentoring. Our Care Pastor, Dave Larson, is also willing to perform premarital mentoring as his schedule allows. If the pastor you are seeking is unavailable, we will pair you with a trained mentor couple who has gone through the Prepare & Enrich curriculum training. 

Our wedding is coming up in just a few months. Is it too late to start premarital mentoring?

The sooner you contact us before your wedding date, the better. You will typically meet with your mentor couple for 8-10 sessions over a period of 8-10 weeks. However, the timing & scheduling of this process is entirely up to you and your mentor couple. Sometimes, sessions can be combined and the length of time needed to complete the material can be shortened.

How much does premarital mentoring cost?

The cost for our premarital mentoring program is $100 cash or check, made out to WestGate Church. This is due at your first meeting when you receive your premarital mentoring materials.

Do we need to hold our wedding ceremony at WestGate in order to have a WestGate pastor officiate our ceremony?

No. We do ask, however, that whether you hold your ceremony at WestGate or another venue, you provide a pastoral honorarium of $200 minimum. This is especially pertinent if your wedding ceremony is being held in another city or state. For weddings being held outside of San Jose, we ask that you include travel and/or hotel fees in your pastoral honorarium ($200 minimum, plus travel/lodging fees). The pastoral honorarium can be given directly to the pastor officiating your ceremony.

Is Steve Clifford available to officiate our wedding ceremony?

Due to Steve’s teaching responsibilities and schedule, his availability is extremely limited. However, we have many other well-qualified pastors available to officiate your wedding ceremony.

Wedding Q+A

We’ve always dreamed of a Saturday evening wedding. Can we book a venue at WestGate?

Unfortunately, due to our service schedule, we do not allow weddings on Saturdays after 2pm or on Sundays. All weddings must take place Monday-Friday between 9am-10pm or on Saturday between 9am-2pm. All belongings and decorations must be removed within this time window.

My fiance and I have large families. We’re expecting over 800 people at our wedding. Do you have a venue that will accommodate us?

Our Worship Center can hold up to 750 people comfortably. Our Theater can hold up to 225 people. If you are expecting more than 750 people, we encourage you to search for a wedding venue that has this seating capacity.

We really want Steve Clifford to officiate our wedding ceremony. Is he available for weddings?

Due to Steve’s teaching responsibilities and schedule, his availability is extremely limited. However, we have many other well-qualified pastors available to officiate your wedding ceremony.

Do we need to have a WestGate pastor officiate our ceremony?

No. However, any pastor outside of WestGate staff will need to be approved by WestGate leadership prior to booking a wedding on site.

Do we need to be Six40 disciples or members to have our wedding at WestGate?

No, you do not need to be a Six40 disciple or member of WestGate Church to use our facility. However, you are required to go through premarital mentoring, which you can do through WestGate or through another church/program approved by WestGate leadership.

Can we hold our wedding reception at WestGate? We’ve booked a really great catering company. 

Unfortunately, WestGate does not allow wedding receptions on site.

How much will it cost to hold our wedding ceremony at WestGate Church?

Facility usage fees vary, depending on the size of your wedding and the venue used. All weddings require a WestGate sound & lighting technician as well as a WestGate coordinator. In general, you can expect the following:

Facility rental – varies based on venue and wedding size
Sound & Lighting technician – $200-400
Coordinator – $400-550
Janitorial – $75-150
Pastor’s Honorarium – $200 minimum