Help Us Save Lives!


The vision of WestGate Water is to be a part of the solution that addresses the world’s water crisis – 780 million people not having access to clean water.  WestGate Water’s desire is to be able to fund the building of wells in communities throughout the world that lack clean water, thereby saving lives.

This is the newest year round ministry, with opportunities for everyone to get involved.  The objective is very simple: bring your plastic bottles and aluminum cans that have a cash redemption value during the weekend services and drop them in any WestGate Water bin on campus. The WestGate Water team will redeem the items during the week with 100 percent of the proceeds going to drill wells.  Since the inception of WestGate Water in 2013, we’ve collected 35.6 tons of plastics and 10.2 tons of aluminum allowing us to fully fund 51 water projects in 16 countries, giving access to clean drinking water to more than 37,000 people.

Will you join us in this effort? Will you help change lives?