Pornography affects men & women, old & young, married or single, in all walks of life. Whether you have been directly or indirectly affected, we want to create a safe space where this topic can be addressed and healing can begin. This men’s group meets weekly at the WestGate Church Saratoga campus. Come learn how you can heal the wounds created by sexual compromise, and be emotionally & spiritually restored. For more information, email , or visit avenueresource.com.


Journey is a community of women who have all experienced betrayal and loss as a result of their spouses’ struggle with life-dominating sexual sin. Learn how to set boundaries that guard your heart, thoughts, and behaviors, and allow God to use authentic relationships to heal and transform you from the inside out. Journey's core curriculum addresses relevant issues helping women reconnect with God in a daily devotion. Journey is about relationships with God and other believers who help women walk through this life with grace and truth, no matter what choices their spouses may make along the way.

Childcare is available

To find out more, to join the group or to sign up for childcare, email us at: 



Life Skills is a powerful class whose skilled facilitators offering people help to to break the patterns of the past and establish balance in relationships.  The goal of Life Skills is to help individuals increase their capacity to function well in relationships, build character and, where possible, to offer hope of reconciliation.

hope group

(A support group for adult female survivors of childhood sexual abuse)

Are you a woman who experienced sexual abuse in your childhood? You’re not alone! Come and engage in the healing process with a facilitator and a safe environment. Please be advised this is a support group, not group therapy, and is intended only for adult women who have personally experienced childhood sexual abuse. 

The next HOPE Group starts in October 2019 and is still welcoming members.   If you have questions or inquiries, please feel free to email the group facilitator at  hopegroup@westgatechurch.org

Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery is a Biblical based program that helps you learn to overcome hurts and habits. It is modeled around the teachings of Jesus and offers a way for you experience Jesus’ healing power. To find a group near you, visit Celebrate Recovery.

Addiction Recovery Center (ARC)

The Addiction Recovery Center (ARC) exists “to bring individuals and families ravaged by [sexual] addiction into recovery and a deeper spiritual life.” Founded by Mary Anne Fifield, they treat, train, and teach individuals using state-of-the-art methods through the LifeSTAR program. Find out more at The Addiction Recovery Center.


RealOptions Pregnancy Medical Clinics are recommended by WestGate. Many women and men who are post-abortive suffer from symptoms of grief, loss, shame and trauma. If you have never completely healed or recovered from an abortion experience, or a past abortion may be affecting the quality of your life, find comfort in the reassurance of God’s love and acceptance. Visit RealOptions or call 408-837-0990 for more information.