Every child included.

At WestGate Church, we are committed to helping families who have children with special needs.

One-on-One Buddy

Your child will have the opportunity to be in a mainstream room even if he/she needs some help navigating this environment with our Buddy program. Their special Buddy can help your child with moving around, engaging with peers, or behaving appropriately in the various settings during the service (playground, large group, small group, etc.).


This is a time for parents of children with special needs. They get to drop off their child with special needs as well as their siblings and do something kid free. Parents might utilize the time to get stuff done around the house, go on a date, or just breathe and relax for a few hours. We turn our campus into an exciting place of exploration and entertainment for the kiddos.


This is like a small Respite where the Saratoga campus is made available for play and exploration for the children.  Parents attend a dinner to engage in building community while hearing from speakers that share about interesting and relevant topics.