We understand that if you’re new, you probably have lots of questions.  We have tried to anticipate most of the questions you may have regarding WestGate Church.  We hope this helps.



Will I be welcome at WestGate Church?

We welcome ANYONE from ANY walk of life at ANY stage of life.  So yes, this means you.  If you’re breathing, you’re welcome.  (And if you’re not breathing, you’re welcome, but first, we’d like you get you somewhere with trained medical professionals so you can start breathing.)


How do I get to WestGate Church?


When should I arrive?

We suggest coming about 10-15 before our posted service times.  When you get on campus, park and come to our START HERE station where you’ll be greeted by friendly, knowledgeable folks who will show you around and answer any questions you have.


What should I wear?

We’re pretty casual here at WestGate. Most people wear relaxed clothing, like shorts and t-shirts. But please feel free to wear whatever makes you comfortable. Unless you’re only comfortable wearing tuxedos.  We’d advise against that because you might feel overdressed.


What do you provide for kids?

Our ministry is designed for the whole family. During our weekend worship services, we provide awesome programs from kids from birth through high school.  Our amazing volunteers value your children, and we work hard to create environments your kids will love.


What is the preaching like?

We strive to talk about the Bible, Jesus and God in ways that are: Relatable.  Honest.  Biblical.  Helpful.  That’s our bar, and we strive each week to meet it.


What is the music like?

Pretty loud.  Also, we think amazing.  We have some really gifted musicians who use their considerable gifts each week at each campus to sing songs about God that have stirred their hearts.


Describe your church in three words.

Uh.  Okay.  

Authentic: we want to be honest about who we are and where we are with God.  Pretending to be someone or something you’re not isn’t only dangerous, it’s exhausting.

Relational: we believe that doing the Christian life isn’t merely difficult, it’s impossible.  We need each other.

Jesus-centered.  Okay, that’s hyphenated.  We want everything we do to help people get to know Jesus and become more like Him.


What if I’m not sure I believe in the same things as WestGate Church does?

If you don't agree with these beliefs, that's okay!  You are still welcome at WestGate Church. We want to help people see why these beliefs are important and can actually aid you in your daily life. Keep in mind that we aren't going to be changing our beliefs on these important areas, but we aren't afraid to talk about them with you either. If you want to know more, check out our statement of faith.


What the heck kind of animal is Grimace, the Shake Monster?

We’re not sure, but it appears a hippo mated with an eggplant, perhaps?


Will I have to give up my deep love of all things Star Wars to be a part of your church?

Are you kidding?  We believe following Jesus will only deepen your love for Star Wars.