Facts and Questions


What is the Protégé Internship Program?

The Protégé Internship Program is a leadership immersion experience for those desiring to serve on staff in a missional church, learning leadership skills and developing character. Protégé at WestGate Church was designed as a hybrid of Mosaic church's Protege program in Los Angeles and Vintage Faith’s Protege program in Santa Cruz.


How long is the internship?

The internship lasts nine (9) months. Protégé begins in mid-September and runs through May the following year.



How does the free housing work and what other financial costs do I need to consider?

We have been blessed with very generous members of our community offering up rooms in their homes that the interns can live in rent and utility free.

As for costs, you will need to cover the cost of food, gas (if you have a car), parking permits, insurance and entertainment. You may need to work a part-time job in order to support yourself.

What areas of ministry will the internships be focused on?

A key part of the experience is developing skills as you discover your passions and gifts in regards to a distinct area of ministry. Each intern will be assigned to one area based on their interests. Possible ministry teams include:

  • Compassion Ministry

  • Global Missions

  • Six40 Discipleship Ministry

  • Life Groups Ministry

  • Worship & Creative Arts

  • Youth Ministry

  • Children’s Ministry

  • College & Young Adult Ministry

  • Media, Tech/Sound, Video, Creative Media

What will a week in the Protégé program look like?

Each intern will have a varying schedule of 20 hours a week, depending on their role in the church. We will work with you to arrange a schedule that gives you the ability to work another part time job and allow Sabbath rest. You will also experience:

  • Weekly mentoring

  • Hands-on ministry experience

  • Enneagram coaching and spiritual direction

  • Training by diverse speakers and teachers from both WG and outside leaders

  • Reading and discussion of important and provocative books on the Christian life

  • WestGate Church ministry team meetings and staff meetings

Can you raise funds for the Protégé internship?

You can raise funds (like missionaries do) in order to cover seminary costs, books, food, gas and other expenses. If needed, we will work out an arrangement so that people donating funds to you can do so through the non-profit status of our church. We will talk with you further about raising funds if you want to pursue this as a possibility.

How does the seminary component work with Protégé?

Through our partnership with Western Seminary (San Jose extension), interns are offered a 25 percent discount on seminary tuition.  Protégé interns will be responsible for tuition costs, books, and transportation to seminary. The details and logistics of attending seminary will be worked out for your specific situation as you begin the application process. This Protégé internship program is approved for two Master's level elective credits at Western Seminary for a small fee.

Do you have to be in seminary to be a part of the Protégé program?

No, you do not have to be in seminary. 

Protégé is ideal for those who may not be going to seminary, but who are serious about leadership and gaining a year experience on a missional church staff. Many people who are part of Protégé take a “gap” year (or sometimes two) after receiving their undergraduate degree to explore serving in a church prior to moving on to what is next on their vocational path.

What does the application process look like?

Take time to read through WestGate Church’s STATEMENT OF FAITH page. It is important that you understand the basics of our vision, philosophy and theology as a church before you apply. Once you have read through our beliefs and values you can apply.

After we receive your application, we will then set up an interview with the Protégé Director and another key staff leader - in person or online video call. This conversation allows us to have more in depth discussion and will help to determine whether Protégé is a match and whether or not there will be further interview steps.

Do you have any strong opinions about the Star Wars franchise of films?

Yes. It is our firm conviction that Jar Jar Binks is anathema to Yahweh, the Living God, and therefore, we do not recognize, in any capacity, as individuals or corporately, the existence of Episode 1: The Phantom Menace.

When can I apply?

We are currently accepting applications for 2019/2020! Apply below.

More questions?

Contact David with any questions you may have!