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Summer Labs



Summer Labs are fun, interactive learning environments where we come together to learn, grow and deepen our understanding of God by examining a variety of important topics.

Summer Labs will be held on Wednesday nights from June - August at the Saratoga Campus.  Check the course list below for precise dates and times.  


with Steve + Dana Clifford

Marriage is a glorious relationship.  But it's not always easy.  

Join Steve and Dana Clifford as they offer up a simple, yet powerfully helpful paradigm on how to view the health of your marriage, and how to take it to the next level.  Using their 35+ years of experience through the ups and downs of marriage, Steve and Dana will give practical steps that will help you understand how to put away the sharp objects and live in true harmony.  

During the three weeks, they'll cover the three "sides" of the marriage triangle:

Friendship :: the true joy that comes from companionship and being around each other

Commitment :: making one another the primary and most important human relationship in your life

Passion :: Sexual connection and physical intimacy

This lab is for folks - married or engaged  - who want to find a captivating vision for marriage, as well as gain practical instruction on how to move from having a marriage that's "okay" to one that is - by God's grace - truly vibrant.

DATES: AUG 8 :: AUG 15 :: AUG 22





led by Scott Pearring

The Legacy Journey is a biblically-based financial course taught by America's most trusted financial advisor, Dave Ramsey. The Legacy Journey will help you:

  • Develop maturity with finances -- and have a right relationship with and viewpoint of money from a Biblical standpoint
  • Have a Biblical plan for retirement, bringing peace and harmony to your marriage
  • Leave a lasting legacy of generosity for your family
  • Be encouraged with practical steps for living in the Bay Area
  • Determine "How much is too much?" to leave your children
  • Develop the proper Will & Estate Plan for your family
  • Find the balance between Joy & Sacrifice in your generosity
  • Be more intentional with your giving
  • Help WestGate Church move to becoming a more generous community of believers

Through a video curriculum, class discussions and personalized mentorship, this course will help you discover the keys to generational wealth and true generosity.

NOTE: For folks new to Dave Ramsey, the nonrefundable course fee is $95. If
you have a current FPU membership, online access will be free.

JUN 20 :: JUN 27 :: BREAK JULY 4TH :: JUL 11 :: JUL 18 :: JUL 25 :: AUG 1    


with Lisa Averill + Martin Woodrow

We believe that God has hardwired each of us to do good works.  And one of the greatest gifts of life is figuring out how God’s made us and then using those gifts. This class will help you understand yourself better so that you can better understand how to find real joy in the unique way God has made you.  During this lab, we’ll examine your unique:

  • Desires
  • Experiences
  • Spiritual gifts
  • Individual style and personality
  • Growth phase and
  • Natural talents.  

This class is perfect for folks who want to understand how God’s designed them and how God can use them to change their world.

DATES: JUL 18 :: JUL 25  :: AUG 1  :: AUG 8


with Mary Eschen

Do you wish that parenting came with a Field Manual?  This course walks through the acclaimed Love and Logic course, which features best practices on how to raise self-confident, motivated children who are ready for the real world. This class - which features clear best practices and super-practical tips - will help you learn how to parent effectively while teaching your children responsibility and growing their character.  Whether you’re a brand-new parent, or have teenagers, through this lab you’ll learn how to establish healthy control through easy-to-implement steps without anger, threats, nagging, or power struggles.

NOTE: This lab comes with a materials cost of $100 per person or $110 per couple. If you or your family cannot afford this, there are scholarships available.  Childcare costs are separate, and is $25 for one child for the course and $50 for two or more.

Early-bird discount -- $25 off if you register by June 13th! 

JUN 20 :: JUN 27 :: BREAK JULY 4TH :: JUL 11 :: JUL 18 :: JUL 25 :: AUG 1  


with Corinna Girard

Following Jesus isn't the easiest thing in the world.  For centuries, Christians have followed Jesus' instructions to help them connect to God.  But man, some of those practices are weird, and if we're honest, difficult.  

How do you pray?  Is it a script?  Does it work like a spell from Harry Potter?  And what about the Bible?  And what about silence?  How long should you be silent?  And what if your mind wanders, to, you know, old 90s hip-hop songs.

Join worship pastor Corinna Girard as she attempts to not only demystify those ancient practices like prayer, Scripture reading, silence and solitude - and helps you take practical steps to practice them and connect with God.  It'll be short on teaching, and heavy on practicing (and learning) together.

JUL 18 :: JUL 25 :: AUG 1 :: AUG 8 :: AUG 15


with Jennette Holzworth

Most women begin their health and fitness journey to “fix” something that’s “wrong” or “undesirable” about them. This approach doesn’t work from a physical standpoint, and in the faith realm it’s the exact opposite foot on which to begin.

In this six-week study we'll uncover what Christ says about our wellness and explore how to use it as a means to strengthen us for the calling each of us has been given. Included is a 6-week supplemental nutrition and exercise guidance program to help you take practical steps.

This is a class for ladies (of all fitness levels and ages) and through it, we'll help women create a healthy link between their physical and spiritual wellness.

JUN 19 :: JUN 26 :: JUL 3 :: JUL 17 :: JUL 24  :: JUL 31



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Later Event: June 30