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To the next generation.

You can be a part of helping the next generation develop an understanding of who God is, build relationships, play games, and make memories. From nursery to high school, there's a place for you.  Take a look at the descriptions below, and choose the one that best fits you.



If my goal were to get folks to volunteer in Children’s and Youth ministry, there’s many different ways that I could easily raise the guilt level.  I could tell you how difficult it is to be a young person today, and cite facts and figures.  

But the truth of the matter is, any organization that doesn’t care for its younger leaders signs its own death certificate. They say, in essence, “We’ll go this far and no further.” 

Jesus raised the value of children.  All of His disciples (except Peter) were teenagers.  And, the most fruitful ground for the Gospel seems to be with those under the age of 18.  But the problem is that working with children (and young people) is - in many ways - the most un-American thing a person can do.  You’ll get no thanks.  The pay is lousy.  And no one will notice.
But our standard cannot be what’s popular (or even what feels good), but rather, what really matters in the lives of people for eternity.  I really believe that every single child – no matter how troubled or far from God – is one caring adult away from a meaningful life.  It happened in my life.  So, please, volunteer.  Help make it happen in someone else’s. 

Steve Clifford



The following are brief descriptions of each of the areas where we need volunteers.  As you read through, you'll see what each department needs and perhaps figure out which is the best fit for you.


Our nursery team welcomes parents and their babies with a big smile and open arms. While tears are inevitable, tummy time, rattles, giggles, and first steps are also bound to happen. It’s a win when babies are lovingly cared for so parents can attend a whole service.


Our toddler team has welcoming smiles and goofy faces to help our new walkers come in and play with toys, trains, balls, and puzzles. There is a snack time and a Bible story, but this time is mostly filled with playing and helping our little ones become explorers. It’s a win to see God’s word come alive as they learn the hand motions to the monthly Bible verse.


Our preschool team has welcoming smiles and a willingness to play without abandon. In preschool we have craft time, playground time, chapel time, and then snack time. Chapel time is in one big room and is led by another volunteer where the kids get to sing and hear God’s word. It’s a win when kids have fun and tell you about what they learned in chapel.


Our elementary team greets the kids with conversations, games, and crafts. We help them DISCOVER God's Word through a theme every month. We do that by offering activities that help kids review the Bible Story in fun and engaging ways, chapel time, and memory verse activities. We believe you are not filling a volunteer slot but are influencing a child's future!


Our Club 45 team has welcoming smiles and a willingness to let the kids win at foosball or the WII. We love to play games, draw pictures, or just listen. But we also dig deeply into the Bible and wrestle with big questions. It’s a win when the kids make connections with you, with one another and with God.


Student Ministries are looking for adults who are passionate about helping young people reach their full potential.  This won't just happen, and we need an army of caring adults and mentors to help guide students ages 12-18 (6th grade through 12th grade) through the turbulence of adolescence.  Overall, both JHM and HSM exist to: 

  1. Create dynamic environments calling students to love God completely in authentic surrender and 
  2. Provide opportunities for students to form authentic relationships with adult mentors (and each other) in order to love one another as Christ loved us and 
  3. Cultivate a kingdom mindset that compels students to love their neighbor compassionately (including training students to be ambassadors for Christ in their peer groups + providing opportunities to see and participate in local and global compassion projects and trips) 

If you're interested in investing in junior high or high school students, then JHM and HSM is the place for you.



KidzTown Weekend Lobby Host

Our Lobby Host team is the first smile families see as they step into KidzTown. We love to connect with them each week and are always on the lookout for new families who need a little extra help. It’s a win when families feel comfortable and welcome as soon as they walk through the doors.

Special Needs Buddy

Our buddies are truly special people who are welcoming and have a heart for children OR students with special needs. You will be paired with a child or student while they participate in their weekend class with their peers. As a buddy your goal is to help this special friend feel fully included! This can mean anything from helping them make friends to explaining the Bible story in a way that speaks to them. Our goal is for the kids to have huge smiles and want to come again!

KidzTown Live

NOTE: KidzTown Live is a place where kids bring their parents to learn through a live interactive show that happens the first Wednesday night of the month.

ACTORS: We are looking for talented (or not) actors for a live interactive show that happens the first Wednesday of every month. So, if you are energetic and love being on stage, this is the place for you!

TECH: We need people who are interested in tech for a once a month show for elementary kids. No training? No problem! We will train anyone who is interested.

PUPPET SHOW: Don’t like the stage, but love telling stories? Then we have the place for you! We rehearse every Thursday and have shows once a quarter. It’s a great way to connect with kids and share God’s word without being on stage.



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