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Intro to the Six40 Life



We want to help everyone who comes to WestGate Church move from attending to belonging.  This is more than a t-shirt slogan (although we did print t-shirts with that saying).

We believe the Christian life isn’t just difficult to do alone.  It’s impossible. Which is why we stop a few times each year to encourage everyone at every campus (no matter how long they’ve been apart of our community) to take intentional steps to get more connected to God and to others.  

If you’ve been around WestGate Church long enough, you might have heard of the term “Six40.”  But what is that? Six40 Discipleship is our way of saying that we’re trying to live and love like Jesus.

But...becoming more like Jesus isn’t a one-size-fits-all program.  We’re all unique, broken and gifted in different ways. Which means that steps for personal growth should be both flexible and personalized.

Which is why we’re excited to introduce a brand-new format for our Intro to the Six40 Life material.

It starts with an introductory session, held each second Sunday of the month.  You’ll explore the “three loves” that are core to our culture and values: loving God, loving one another and loving our neighbor.  

After that, you can work through the material - which will help you understand and grow in your faith, whether you're new at this, or have been around church for a while.  And you can go at your own pace and in your own time.

Another part of this is that you’ll be given your own personalized coach to meet with you, listen to your story, and help you figure out what your next step with God might be.  

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October 13


During 1st Service

Earlier Event: October 12
Community Market
Later Event: October 19
Parent + Child Dedications