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Advent Conspiracy



Each Christmas, WestGate Church encourages its members to escape from the rampant consumerism that often overtakes the holiday and instead remember the true spirit of Christmas – the radical generosity and self- sacrifice of God Himself for our benefit.

During this time, we encourage people:

  1. To worship more fully

  2. To spend less, and

  3. To give more.

Instead of going into debt buying things, we encourage people to simplify and give each other meaningful gifts of time, hand-made gifts or shared experiences. And we take a special offering to raise money for water projects across the world so that others might have clean drinking water. It’s Jesus’ Birthday – and want to give Him a gift He’d want.

This special offering will be taken during the weekend services on DEC 16-17 with 100 percent of the funds raised donated to global water projects to provide clean water to people across the globe. Last year, we raised more than $230,000 and WestGate partnered with Living Water International and Tukutana to build clean water wells in impoverished areas in Guatemala, India, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Kenya and Haiti.


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DEC 16 + 17

(select your campus, then under "FUND" select "ADVENT CONSPIRACY")

Earlier Event: November 15
Later Event: December 30
New Year's Weekend