Every year, WestGate sends hundreds of people to serve alongside our supported missionaries and/or organizations. We have something for everyone! If you are curious to know what a Go Trip looks like, let us know and we’ll be in contact with you. We would love to help you go on one of these amazing trips.

WestGate Water

Save a bottle, build a well.

Did you know over 1.5 million children die every year around the world form unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation facilities? The vision of WestGate Water is to be a part of the solution that addresses the world’s water crisis — 780 million people not having access to clean water. WestGate Water’s desire is to be able to fund the building of wells in communities throughout the world that lack clean water, thereby saving lives.



WestGate partners with a number of amazing people and organizations both locally and globally. These partners of ours are living a life of unselfish devotion in the areas they are at. We consider these people and organizations an extension of WestGate they are part of our community and family. Get to know them reach out, encourage them, pray for them and be part of what they are doing.


Shouting might get attention but without making a sound, it’s possible to have a powerful impact in the lives of others.

Our LOUD pledge will be a collective effort of WestGate Church to generously give beyond our own needs to provide care and welfare for the people of our city and the ministry efforts changing lives around the world. Your LOUD pledge will ... educate, feed, cloth, shelter, heal, release, protect, comfort, provide hope, show grace and give life in Jesus’ name.