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Want to know what's the most likely thing to get a click on the internet?

No, the answer isn't kittens playing pianos.  That's number two.

Those who study these kinds of things tell us that the number one thing that causes people to click online are posts that create "moral outrage."

And we are a society that is filled with outrage.  It's the engine that drives social media.

And if the 2016 presidential election has revealed anything, it's that the deep political divides in our nation, and in the Church produce endless amounts of moral outrage.

So much so, that civil discussions don't even seem possible sometimes.

As the politics of our nation polarize, is it possible for those who are committed to following Jesus to be more unified?

Can we regain our center?  What should that even be?  

What would it look like for us to regain our civility, reconcile with our brothers and sisters, and establish peace in the Body of Christ? 

What should our relationship to our government - as followers of Jesus - even be?

And what do we do when we deeply disagree about the answers to that?

What is a follower of Jesus to do?

Join us for our second PUBLIC FAITH FORUM.

The goal of these PUBLIC FAITH FORUMS is to create space where people of faith can explore deep and important issues together with Biblical wisdom, nuance, candor and practical action steps from a panel of thoughtful and knowledgeable experts.

The panel will give practical advice and share wisdom about these, and many other questions and there will be a time for discussion and anonymous Q&A from the audience.



Dinner at 6:00pm

Forum - 7-8:30pm



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