Family Camp




You and your whole family are invited to join us for FOUR fun-filled nights where your family's imagination will be inspired to discover how the Creator of all things uniquely created us to know and love Him!

Put your weeknight stress behind while we handle your dinner plans, and provide an evening of full-family-fun. Kids 4 years-and-up will join their favorite adults (YOU!) in a jam-packed evening camp (Don't worry: siblings 3 years and younger attend a  relaxed age appropriate pre-school camp).    

Load up the whole family to join us Monday-Thursday evening.

Family Camp Q+A

How much will this Family Camp cost?  
Our Family Camp tuition has not been determined, but the goal is to try to keep it affordable so that families can fully participate.  Please check back soon for tuition rates.

What about my 4 or 5 year old?
Family Camp is designed to benefit the whole family, but we understand that each child is unique. If your family is attending, then your kids ages 4 and 5 have the option to attend Preschool Camp or attend Family Camp with you.  We will trust your judgement as to which camp you feel your child should attend.  If you are unsure, or feel that it may depend on the day, you can enroll your child in both camps.  Children enrolled in both camps have the option of attending either camp each evening or splitting the evening amongst the two camps.  Just please, communicate your situation to the preschool camp director in advance.  

What if I’m new to my faith?
Family Camp is designed so that any parent can participate with their family.  Each rotation will provide detailed instructions and volunteers who will assist you as much or as little as you need.  

What are we going to do for three hours? 
You will be amazed at how the time flies in Family Camp.  You and your children will be moving through 4 super-fun rotations every 20-25 minutes.  And each rotation has a pre-planned activity all ready for you and your kiddos.   

What do I do with my JHM/HSM aged child?
Family Camp is designed for the entire family!  Middle and high schoolers are welcome to volunteer in the many areas of need!   They can be your family’s very own family helper, work a rotation, or help in the preschool camp!  Don't worry, your middle or high schooler will be more tired that you at the end of the night!

                  NOTE: You can sign JHM/HSM students up to volunteer HERE.

I have a few more questions.  Is there someone I can email directly?
Absolutely.  If you have any other questions, please email us at



JULY 10-13


JULY 17-20

Signups begin May 1st!