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Emotionally Healthy Spirituality



What if….emotional maturity and spiritual maturity are inseparable. What if it is simply not possible to be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature?

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality and Relationship Skills 2.0 are two 9-week courses which can be taken in order or individually. Their goal is to equip people to deal with the frustrations of life, the busyness of life, and the overwhelming nature of life and give people simple and practical tools to connect with God and live out an emotionally-healthy spiritual life.

The EH Spirituality Course:

  • directly addresses the reality that emotional maturity and spiritual maturity are inseparable. It is not possible to be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature.
  • equips people to develop a personal, first-hand relationship with Jesus by incorporating stillness, silence and Scripture as daily life rhythms.

The EH Spirituality Course moves people through 8 powerful life changing sessions:

  • The Problem of Emotionally Unhealthy Spirituality
  • Know Yourself That You May Know God
  • Going Back in Order to Go Forward
  • Journey Through the Wall
  • Enlarge Your Soul Through Grief and Loss
  • Discover the Rhythms of the Daily Office and Sabbath
  • Grow Into an Emotionally Healthy Adult
  • Go the Next Step to Develop a “Rule of Life”

    In the process, the goal is to know yourself better so that you might know God better.


Emotionally Healthy Spirituality:

SEPT 14 – NOV 9

Registration Full


Relationship Skills 2.0:

SEPT 18 – NOV 6

Registration Full

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Say Yes



To the next generation.

You can be a part of helping the next generation develop an understanding of who God is, build relationships, play games, and make memories. From nursery to high school, there's a place for you.  Take a look at the descriptions below, and choose the one that best fits you.



If my goal were to get folks to volunteer in Children’s and Youth ministry, there’s many different ways that I could easily raise the guilt level.  I could tell you how difficult it is to be a young person today, and cite facts and figures.  

But the truth of the matter is, any organization that doesn’t care for its younger leaders signs its own death certificate. They say, in essence, “We’ll go this far and no further.” 

Jesus raised the value of children.  All of His disciples (except Peter) were teenagers.  And, the most fruitful ground for the Gospel seems to be with those under the age of 18.  But the problem is that working with children (and young people) is - in many ways - the most un-American thing a person can do.  You’ll get no thanks.  The pay is lousy.  And no one will notice.
But our standard cannot be what’s popular (or even what feels good), but rather, what really matters in the lives of people for eternity.  I really believe that every single child – no matter how troubled or far from God – is one caring adult away from a meaningful life.  It happened in my life.  So, please, volunteer.  Help make it happen in someone else’s. 

Steve Clifford



The following are brief descriptions of each of the areas where we need volunteers.  As you read through, you'll see what each department needs and perhaps figure out which is the best fit for you.


Our nursery team welcomes parents and their babies with a big smile and open arms. While tears are inevitable, tummy time, rattles, giggles, and first steps are also bound to happen. It’s a win when babies are lovingly cared for so parents can attend a whole service.


Our toddler team has welcoming smiles and goofy faces to help our new walkers come in and play with toys, trains, balls, and puzzles. There is a snack time and a Bible story, but this time is mostly filled with playing and helping our little ones become explorers. It’s a win to see God’s word come alive as they learn the hand motions to the monthly Bible verse.


Our preschool team has welcoming smiles and a willingness to play without abandon. In preschool we have craft time, playground time, chapel time, and then snack time. Chapel time is in one big room and is led by another volunteer where the kids get to sing and hear God’s word. It’s a win when kids have fun and tell you about what they learned in chapel.


Our elementary team greets the kids with conversations, games, and crafts. We help them DISCOVER God's Word through a theme every month. We do that by offering activities that help kids review the Bible Story in fun and engaging ways, chapel time, and memory verse activities. We believe you are not filling a volunteer slot but are influencing a child's future!


Our Club 45 team has welcoming smiles and a willingness to let the kids win at foosball or the WII. We love to play games, draw pictures, or just listen. But we also dig deeply into the Bible and wrestle with big questions. It’s a win when the kids make connections with you, with one another and with God.


Student Ministries are looking for adults who are passionate about helping young people reach their full potential.  This won't just happen, and we need an army of caring adults and mentors to help guide students ages 12-18 (6th grade through 12th grade) through the turbulence of adolescence.  Overall, both JHM and HSM exist to: 

  1. Create dynamic environments calling students to love God completely in authentic surrender and 
  2. Provide opportunities for students to form authentic relationships with adult mentors (and each other) in order to love one another as Christ loved us and 
  3. Cultivate a kingdom mindset that compels students to love their neighbor compassionately (including training students to be ambassadors for Christ in their peer groups + providing opportunities to see and participate in local and global compassion projects and trips) 

If you're interested in investing in junior high or high school students, then JHM and HSM is the place for you.



KidzTown Weekend Lobby Host

Our Lobby Host team is the first smile families see as they step into KidzTown. We love to connect with them each week and are always on the lookout for new families who need a little extra help. It’s a win when families feel comfortable and welcome as soon as they walk through the doors.

Special Needs Buddy

Our buddies are truly special people who are welcoming and have a heart for children OR students with special needs. You will be paired with a child or student while they participate in their weekend class with their peers. As a buddy your goal is to help this special friend feel fully included! This can mean anything from helping them make friends to explaining the Bible story in a way that speaks to them. Our goal is for the kids to have huge smiles and want to come again!

KidzTown Live

NOTE: KidzTown Live is a place where kids bring their parents to learn through a live interactive show that happens the first Wednesday night of the month.

ACTORS: We are looking for talented (or not) actors for a live interactive show that happens the first Wednesday of every month. So, if you are energetic and love being on stage, this is the place for you!

TECH: We need people who are interested in tech for a once a month show for elementary kids. No training? No problem! We will train anyone who is interested.

PUPPET SHOW: Don’t like the stage, but love telling stories? Then we have the place for you! We rehearse every Thursday and have shows once a quarter. It’s a great way to connect with kids and share God’s word without being on stage.



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to Oct 25

Explore Christianty + The Bible



Ninety percent of Americans own a copy of the Bible, and while it's the most widely read book in the world, it's also the least understood.  

This lab is for folks who have questions about the Bible (or are skeptical of the Bible) and have been looking for a place to ask them.  

It’s also perfect for people who are new to the faith or are just interested in a fun and intellectually-engaging crash course in the major ideas, themes and characters of this vast book.  

By the end, you’ll have gained a more cohesive understanding of the Bible and will be able to navigate this ancient and important book.


Saratoga Campus

Sept. 20th — Oct. 25th
7:00pm to 8:30pm

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9:45am 9:45am

Newcomers Reception



Are you new (or kinda new) to WestGate? We’d love to get to meet you! You’re invited to our Newcomers Reception, a super-informal and fun place where you can meet some of the WestGate staff, ask any questions you have and snack on some snacky-snacks. 



(immediately after the 9:30am Sunday morning service in the Gym. Join us for a 29-minute party with our WestGate staff and team members)


10:45am + 12:30pm
(immediately after each of our Sunday morning services in the lobby.  Look for our campus pastor Andy Gridley with the balloons.)

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5:30pm 5:30pm

Kidztown LIVE!



KidzTown LIVE is an exciting monthly event for families with kids ages K-3rd grade. Come gather with other families for a night of dining and entertainment. This event is not only fun but also gives you some practical tips for continuing faith-building conversations at home.

This month, we'll be looking at STEWARDSHIP, which means taking care of what you have because it all belongs to God.

Dinner is free for all families with children in K-3rd grade. Invite your friends, too. You don't want to miss this.


5:30 – 7pm


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to Oct 8

Parent + Child Dedications Class



Dedications are a time for parents to commit before the church body the desire to raise their child according to God’s Word and ways, with the hope that one day their child will decide for him/herself to pursue God.

Please plan to attend the parent dedication class if you have not previously done so.


SEP 16  5PM




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to Oct 14

Women's Retreat


Women's Retreat 2017

Why is it that gratitude always seems to evade us when life gets busy? How can we slow down?

Join the women of WestGate Church for REtreat 2017 as we get away from the demands of every day and step into a time of REceiving from God and REcreating habits that instill gratitude into our daily life.

We’ll worship, hear inspiring messages from speakers, and have a host of activities that will reinvigorate your heart and soul.

Register now.  You’ll be glad you did.  


Women’s Retreat Q+A

How much does Women’s Retreat cost?  
Registration is $80 and covers Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, and lunch as well as all speakers and activities. Early Registration is discounted to $65 until Sept. 15th.

What is the attire for the Women's Retreat?
The attire is casual. You may want to bring a sweater or light jacket if you get cold easily.

What should I bring?
Come just as you are. We encourage you to bring a Bible, notebook, and a pen.

Will childcare be provided?
Childcare is available for Friday night only from 6-8:30pm for an additional fee. Our hope is that the Women's Retreat will be a time for you to “get away” and be free from distraction so you can receive all God has for you. 

Are there any special rates with local hotels for the conference?
We were unable to block out rooms for a discounted rate, but if you want a full getaway experience,  we are referring women to the AC Hotel San Jose Downtown Marriott.

Phone: 1-408-924-0900
Website: Check it out here

Are scholarships available to cover a portion of the registration fee?
To request a scholarship application for the Women's Retreat, please email us at

Who can attend the Women's Retreat? 
The Women's Retreat is designed for the women of WestGate Church and the women in their lives: friends, family, co-workers and neighbors anyone who wants to come. There will be women from every age range that attend, so everyone should feel comfortable, however topics that will be discussed are most appropriate for those out of high school and above.

What if I’m new to my faith? 
The Women's Retreat is designed so that we can all grow deeper in our faith of Jesus. We invite you to join us wherever you are. 

So.  Uh.  What are we going to do? 
Main events will include our keynote speaker Janell (read more about her below), breakout sessions, food, fun, and more. 

This sounds like so much work!  Are you looking for any volunteers?
YES! The retreat is planned and implemented with a team of volunteers and we would love your help. Please see our volunteer sign-up genius page to find out how you can serve. 

I have a few more questions.  Is there someone I can email directly?
Absolutely.  If you have any other questions, please email us at

Join us on Facebook!
We are having fun before the event. Join us on our REtreat facebook page! 


Speaker Bio :: Janell Chinn


Janell was born and raised in Orange County, CA. She grew up in a large, loud, fun, crazy, close-knit Italian family.  She left home to attended college in San Luis Obispo, and moved to San Jose in 1985.

During her time in San Jose, she met and married her husband, Brad, had 3 children (twin boys and a daughter), and taught school in Milpitas and Almaden Valley.  In 2001, Janell and her family moved to Reno, NV and she has been on the pastoral team of Reno Christian Fellowship for 15 years. She greatly enjoys her job and ministry.

Janell has just entered the “empty nest” stage of life. She loves spending time with her kids and their spouses, playing games, traveling, and hanging out with friends. In her spare time, she is pursuing her doctorate in leadership, and is teaching courses for Multnomah University and Western Seminary. 




Oct 13

Oct 14 8am-4:30pm

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Discover WestGate
1:00pm 1:00pm

Discover WestGate



If you’re new to WestGate Church and want to learn more about our community, this is the place to start. Discover WestGate is your chance to hear about our culture and values, enjoy a free meal, meet some great people, and hear from our lead pastor Steve Clifford. Did we mention there's free lunch?  Oh, yeah and childcare is included!

OCT 15

1 - 4 PM


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Pumpkin Palooza



HEY IT’S OFFICIALLY FALL so we thought we’d throw a PARTY and invite our neighbors.  It’s a little something we like to call PUMPKIN PALOOZA which in WestGate lingo means FREE food, bounce houses, music, prizes and more fun than you can handle.

We hope you’ll join us on Saturday, Oct. 28 from 11am-2pm at WG South Hills.  The only thing more fun would be jumping in a huge pile of leaves.

Saturday, October 28
11am - 2pm

WestGate Church
South HIlls Campus

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9:00am 9:00am




Respite is a time when parents or caregivers of children with special needs can drop their kids off so they have a few hours kid free to rest and recuperate.  During that time, folks who have a heart to spend time with children of special needs hang out, play games and do fun activities with the kids.

We need volunteers to help at the next Respite, Saturday, November 4th, at the Saratoga Campus from 8:15am-1:30pm. 


NOV 4, 2017

8:15am - 1:30pm

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For literally hundreds of years, followers of Jesus have made public declarations that they are “all in” with Jesus in a ceremony called “Baptism.”  Baptism is a public declaration of faith done by a believer in the presence of a local group of Christians. Here’s some information about what Baptism is, and what it isn’t:

Baptism was a nearly universal practice in the early church.
It was not only something Jesus Himself did, but something that He called His followers to do.

Baptism was a formal response to the Gospel. 
It was not done accidentally, or haphazardly. People who were baptized usually were questioned and responded with an answer to ensure they clearly understood they were making a formal stand to identify with Jesus and claim and proclaim Him as their Messiah. It was an important aspect of the salvation process (Repent and be baptized. – Acts 2:38)

Baptism was a personal response to the Gospel.
This means that it was a personal decision made by an individual, not by a tribe or family or nation. Infants, because they cannot make decisions, were not baptized.

Baptism was communal.
The result of Baptism was reception into and identification with this new community that followed Jesus. Baptism signified communion with Jesus, and therefore, with all His followers.

Baptism is a sacrament.
A sacrament is a symbolic religious activity that physically points to an invisible reality. In this case, the cleansing of a person’s physical body with water represents the cleansing of that person from sin by the miraculous power of Jesus’ sacrifice. The person going under the water is a symbolic representation of the death of their old self. Emerging from the water symbolizes the resurrection, through the power of Jesus, into new and eternal life.

It was the new mark of God’s Covenant People.
There is a link between Baptism (and the New Covenant of Jesus) and the mark of God’s old covenant with the people of Israel. Similar to the old mark, Baptism can also serve as a signpost that helps people distinguish who God has called and chosen into His beloved community, though the real signpost is the presence of the Holy Spirit.

If you’re “all in” with Jesus, and have never been baptized, you can sign up here.


All Campuses

NOV 4 + 5

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to May 20




When you hear the word "church" - what comes to your mind?  More than likely, you've called to your mind a particular building, or a particular group of people in a particular place.  Maybe you think about the songs that you've heard sung, or a sermon you've heard.  

But - it's unlikely that you think about "church" the way God sees it.  As the Big C Church, spread out across continents and centuries, comprised of tens of thousands of men and women and children, laboring in love across time and space to bring about the very real Kingdom of God.  

Or, as C.S. Lewis once described it, "The Church is spread out through all time and space and rooted in eternity, terrible as an army with banners."

PERSPECTIVES is a unique, advanced and intensive journey to change your thinking and expand your heart.  For 15 weeks, you will hear 15 outstanding speakers share the story of what God is doing and has done throughout history and across the Globe.  Your eyes will begin to see that "church" is not what you think.  

PART 1 + 2: The Biblical and Historical Perspectives.  These sections of the class reveal why our confidence is based on the historic fact of God's relentless work from the dawn of history until this day.

PARTS 3 + 4: The Cultural and Strategic Perspectives.  These sections of the class will challenge you, underscoring the reality that we are in the midst of a very costly, but very "do-able" task, confirming the Biblical and Historical hope.

The goal of Perspectives is to give you a global and Biblical vision for God's work on earth through His people.  Through this class, you'll discover that the "Church" is the biggest agent for redemptive change the human race has ever known...and you'll see your part and how God is inviting you to join His incredible work.

Global Perspectives Trailer

JAN 21 - MAY 20

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Six40 Life
6:45pm 6:45pm

Six40 Life



Building upon the foundation that is Discover WestGate, Six40 Life is a nine-week interactive lab led by our WestGate staff designed to help you understand more about the heart of our culture—why we exist and what Jesus is doing through us. It is about deepening our awareness of what it means to actively follow and become more like Jesus—to be Six40 Disciples—right here and right now in this church and city.


7 - 8:30pm

7 - 8:30pm

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to Sep 25

Financial Peace University


Financial Peace University 

Financial Peace University (FPU) is a 9 lesson, money-management course taught by America's most trusted financial guru, Dave Ramsey. This course is moderated by WestGate Church leaders who will help you learn Biblical wisdom about money and finances, including:

  1. The Seven Baby-steps that anyone can take to seize control of their finances.
  2. Dave's "Debt Snowball" method to quickly pay down debt - a proven plan to help you walk out of debt successfully.
  3. How to talk honestly with your spouse about the emotionally-charged topic of money and work toward success together.
  4. Practical general advice about investing.
  5. How to plan for retirement (and college, if you have kids)
  6. The power of generosity

Dave and his teaching team will walk you through the basics of budgeting, dumping debt, planning for the future and much more. 

Q&A about Financial Peace University

Who is this class for?
We believe that everyone should have a plan to manage and steward their money, and that the Bible has much to say to help us with that.  While people who are at their wits end over financial matters will realize the importance of dedication to the class, everyone can benefit from the instruction and application steps.  The class is helpful for singles, married couples and couples planning on getting married.

Is this in addition to our regular life group or instead of it?
Course participants are encouraged to continue attending their life groups as well as the FPU class.

What are the dates and location:
The class is comprised of nine (9) weekly lessons, offered either on Sunday nights (5-6:30pm) at our Saratoga Campus OR on Thursday nights 7-8:30pm at our South Hills campus.

Is there an option for childcare:?
Yes.  Childcare is available via prepayment covering all 9 weeks for $35 per child or $70 max per family.

So what is the format of the class?  
Instructor led discussions surrounding Dave Ramsey FPU video lessons and workbook with some homework.   You can see a sample preview here.

What is the cost?  
The nonrefundable course fee (covering the cost of materials) is $95. Pre-register and pay via cash or check to WestGate Church, or via credit card in between weekend services up thru 9/17/17.

What do I get from that registration fee?
The nonrefundable course fee covers the cost of a FPU membership kit including FPU class Workbook, Complete Guide to Money book, FPU envelope system, Budgeting Forms and online access to FPU membership tools and resources.  Couples can share the FPU kit.

Who will be teaching the class?
Frank Teruel will be leading Saratoga Campus FPU sessions.  Frank has a background as a corporate financial professional and as a part-time professor at Santa Clara University, allowing him to bring special insights and assistance in areas most relevant to our Silicon Valley challenges, going beyond the theories and getting into clear applications.

Scott Pearring will be leading the South Hills Campus FPU sessions. Having been involved in dozens of FPU classes across California, Scott has a deep heart for helping people progress along the Baby Steps. The most rewarding part of the experience for him is seeing families increase their generosity as they progress into Biblical stewardship.  Scott owns a small business in Campbell. 

Saratoga Campus

Sunday Nights
Sept. 17 - Nov. 12

South Hills

Thursday Nights
Sept. 21 - Nov. 16

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Beach Baptisms
3:00pm 3:00pm

Beach Baptisms



It’s time to celebrate!

Join us as ALL FOUR WestGate Church campuses come together for one giant Beach Party.  

Sure, there will be sun and fun, but it will also be a time where we’ll celebrate folks who have made a decision to follow Jesus.  And they’ll get baptized right there on the beach.


Bring your own picnic (and maybe even bring a little extra to share).


If you’d like to get baptized, you can sign up by clicking the button to the right.


It can be, but if you’d like hassle-free parking, WestGate Church will be providing a free shuttle service from the parking lot of Santa Cruz Bible Church - starting at 2:45pm.



AUG 27

3pm - 7pm

Seabright Beach

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Club 45 Pool Party
1:30pm 1:30pm

Club 45 Pool Party



Do you have a student that's going into 4th or 5th grade this Fall?  

Well then, it's time for our annual Club 45 Summer Pool party for the parents, siblings and families of all of WestGate Church's 4th and 5th graders.

Come on out after services on Sunday, August 20 and:

  • Hear about Club 45 and all their cool, upcoming events from Diane Price, our Saratoga Campus Children's Ministry Director.
  • Hang out with other parents (in the shade) or jump in and have a blast swimming with your kids!


  1. RSVP by clicking the button to the right -->
  2. Show up ready to swim with your family (siblings MORE than welcome)
  3. Bring a side dish or dessert to share (we'll take care of grilling up the hot dogs!)
  4. Have your Club 45 student bring a friend, if they want.  All are welcome!

Aug 20

Church on the Hill
500 Sands Dr, San Jose CA 95125

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5:30pm 5:30pm

Food Truck Saturday



What do Saturday night services at the Saratoga Campus have that the Sunday morning services don't?


We're encouraging folks (who are able) to make the move to Saturday night. And tomorrow night, we will have food trucks after each service. Tacos, pulled pork, chicken, and rice bowls.

It’s going to be amazing.

So come out Saturday night, August 12.

*(Oh, yeah, and bring cash!)



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to Aug 12

JHM Summer Camp



JHM is headed back to summer camp at Mount Hermon! Your JHM Summer Camp package includes your time at Mount Hermon, as well as additional treats & surprises while at camp!

Cost: $615.00

Deposit: $100.00 (non-refundable)

AUG 6 - 12

Mount Hermon

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5:00pm 5:00pm

Preschool Movie Night


Preschool Movie Night

Attention parents of preschoolers!  Come to our end-of-summer Preschool Movie night.  

We’ll have a potluck dinner, a family craft time, a photo-booth, plenty of time for the kids to play together.  And, we're even built in a time for parents to have a chance  to have some actual adult conversation.  With OTHER ADULTS.  We know.  Too good to be true. 

There is no better way to end summer than with one final camping trip! Only this camping trip is no stress and all fun.  And it's inside.  


  • RSVP to come (click on the button to the right)
  • Come to the Saratoga Gym at 5pm on August 4th
  • Bring a dish to share for the potluck dinner
  • Bring your favorite camping blankets or sleeping bags.
  • Get cozy under the stars!  (Actual stars not provided)


Saratoga Campus

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7:00pm 7:00pm

Family Movie Night


Family Movie Night 

This summer, WestGate Church is going to transform the parking lot of our South Hills Campus into the largest outdoor movie theatre in all of San Jose for a family movie night.  

We’ll be showing the hilarious and family-friendly animated movie SING.

Using our state-of-the-art 12-quadrillion-lumen giant outdoor projector and screen, and top notch surround sound AV equipment, you’ll wonder if you’re actually inside a movie theatre.  Until you realize no, you’re actually *outside*.

This is perfect for the whole family.  

We’ll also have:

  • Popcorn. 
  • Cotton candy.  
  • Nachos.  
  • Water.  
  • Lemonade.  
  • Inflatable jumpy houses.
  • Games and crafts for the little kids. 

What to Bring:

Lawn chairs or blankets.  
     (NOTE: Recliners are welcome, but you'll have to unload it yourself)
Your friends and neighbors.
     (NOTE: This event is open to everyone)
Your dinner.
     (NOTE: we’ll have plenty of free snacks, but not, you know, nutritious dinners)



7:00-9:30 pm

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7:00pm 7:00pm

Worship Team Auditions


Worship Team Auditions

Calling all singers and musicians!

If you have a love for worship and a passion to see people connect with God through music, we need you.  We are hosting an open audition for singers and musicians for ALL campus worship teams.  

Click on the button to the right to download an application and find out more about the application process.

Come join our super-fun team!


JUL 24



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to Aug 6

Best Back to School Ever



You remember the first day of school don’t you?

You went to school with your brand new back-pack, which contained your brand-new, never-even-sharpened No.2 pencils and crisp colored folders.  And you even might have sported a brand-new Empire Strikes Back lunch-box.

I mean, hypothetically.  

The point is, you were ready for school.

Unfortunately in the Bay Area, many students don’t have this experience.  

That's why, last year, right before school started in August, WestGate Church’s School Impact Ministry spearheaded a drive that provided more than 500 backpacks filled with school supplies to low-income students in 13 different elementary, middle and high schools across Santa Clara county.  These backpacks were then distributed by the school administrators and teachers to students in need.  

This year, the school districts we’ve built relationships with are asking for MORE help.  In addition to general school supplies, teachers and administrators asked WestGate to help build their classroom reading libraries.

So here’s our chance to step up and really help some underserved and under-resourced kids in our city.



  1. Go to the Amazon Registry  (NOTE: Our team made a comprehensive registry for all the needs of the schools.  It’s listed under  
  2. Buy things.
  3. Drop off things at the donation station in the lobby for the next three weekends (July 22+23, July 29+30, Aug. 5+6)


Purchase Amazon Gift Cards, and drop those off, and our teams will do the shopping for you!


Join us Tuesday, August 8th from 10am-1pm for our "Pack Day.”  We’ll be putting all the backpacks together for the schools in the Saratoga Gym.  Bring your kids - they will have a great time serving!




July 22 - Aug 5

Pack Day
Aug. 8

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to Aug 8

Men's Grill



The Grill is a chance for guys to hang out together.  

This year, The Grill will be held on four glorious Tuesday evenings in July and August.  Not only will there be amazing food (grilled to perfection!) but you’ll get a chance to hear funny and inspirational speakers offer practical advice and life hacks on how 

The cost $10 per night or you can sign up in advance and pre-pay for all four nights for $35.  (Sorry, no childcare).

JULY 18 + 25

AUG 1 + 8


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to Jul 31

Women's BBQ



This Summer we are offering three chances for women to share not only food and laughter, but their stories and their hearts.  

So for the last three Monday nights in July, we're having a party - for ladies, by ladies!

Come out and get to know the great community of women who attend WestGate Church.

We know Summer can get hectic, but we'd love for you to come to any and all of the dates that you can.

Cost $5 a person - and if you need it, childcare is $7 a child.

Jul 17 + 24 + 31





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to Jul 20

Family Camp




You and your whole family are invited to join us for FOUR fun-filled nights where your family's imagination will be inspired to discover how the Creator of all things uniquely created us to know and love Him!

Put your weeknight stress behind while we handle your dinner plans, and provide an evening of full-family-fun. Kids 4 years-and-up will join their favorite adults (YOU!) in a jam-packed evening camp (Don't worry: siblings 3 years and younger attend a  relaxed age appropriate pre-school camp).    

Load up the whole family to join us Monday-Thursday evening.

As of July 5, registration is CLOSED for Family Camp at both campuses.



Would you like to volunteer at Family Camp?  We need folks to help run games, set up, and create amazing and vibrant environments for our families.  If you'd like to help serve our parents and their kiddos, this is a perfect opportunity.

Family Camp Q+A

What about my 4 or 5 year old?
Family Camp is designed to benefit the whole family, but we understand that each child is unique. If your family is attending, then your kids ages 4 and 5 have the option to attend Preschool Camp or attend Family Camp with you.  We will trust your judgement as to which camp you feel your child should attend.  If you are unsure, or feel that it may depend on the day, you can enroll your child in both camps.  Children enrolled in both camps have the option of attending either camp each evening or splitting the evening amongst the two camps.  Just please, communicate your situation to the preschool camp director in advance.  

What if I’m new to my faith?
Family Camp is designed so that any parent can participate with their family.  Each rotation will provide detailed instructions and volunteers who will assist you as much or as little as you need.  

What are we going to do for three hours? 
You will be amazed at how the time flies in Family Camp.  You and your children will be moving through 4 super-fun rotations every 20-25 minutes.  And each rotation has a pre-planned activity all ready for you and your kiddos.   

What do I do with my JHM/HSM aged child?
Family Camp is designed for the entire family!  Middle and high schoolers are welcome to volunteer in the many areas of need!   They can be your family’s very own family helper, work a rotation, or help in the preschool camp!  Don't worry, your middle or high schooler will be more tired that you at the end of the night!

                  NOTE: You can sign JHM/HSM students up to volunteer HERE.

I have a few more questions.  Is there someone I can email directly?
Absolutely.  If you have any other questions, please email us at



JULY 10-13


JULY 17-20

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1:00pm 1:00pm

Club45 Mini-Golf and Water Slides


Club 45 Mini Golf and Waterslides

Bring the whole family to Emerald Hills Golfland and have fun with other Club 45 friends and families. Admission gets you 3 hours of unlimited water slides and golf (both adults and children). There is no charge if you want to just come and hang out. Each group of students must have an adult present.

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to Jul 7




Hume SD is a seamless blend of Hume Lake and San Diego. Located at the beautiful Point Loma University, urban missions and beachfront activities take full advantage of the location while powerful corporate worship, compelling teaching and full throttle recreation provide a true camp experience for High School (grades 9-12) students. Enjoy the San Diego beach culture while building relationships at this awesome Summer Camp!

July 2 - 7

Sorry! Summer camp is full!

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7:00pm 7:00pm

Women's Game Night



Ladies!  All the ladies!  

We know WestGate Church is big, and sometimes it’s tough to get connected.  

That's why we're throwing an epic, girls-only-Game Night.  It is a fun space for ladies to mix, mingle, get to know each other and have fun.

Bring a dessert and we will bring the (non-alcoholic!) drinks and games.


7-9 pm
Saratoga Campus Theatre

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to Aug 16

Summer Labs



Summer Labs are fun, interactive learning environments where we come together to learn, grow and deepen our understanding of God by examining a variety of important topics.

Summer Labs will be held on Wednesday nights from June 21 - August 16 at the Saratoga Campus.  Check the course list below for precise dates and times.  

Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God’s Work

with Dan Perkins (and guest lecturers from the world of business)

For many years, the Church has had a misguided or paper-thin theology of work.  Christians passionate about business were either be made to feel guilty because of their particular giftedness at wealth creation, or were almost comically under-utilized.  This lab is for people who want to examine deeply how Biblical wisdom and the Christian perspective can help business professionals provide a foundation for both a thriving professional and personal life. We’ll examine how excellence, integrity, discipline, creativity and passion are not only acts of worship, but can bring God’s Kingdom here on Earth.

NOTE: This class's required material is the book Every Good Endeavor by Tim Keller.  You can purchase this book either in hard copy or digital copy by clicking on the link, or buy it where  ever books are sold.

June 21 – July19 (No Lab July 12)


with Steve Clifford + Dana Clifford

We believe that God has hardwired each of us to do good works.  And one of the greatest gifts of life is figuring out how God’s made us and then using those gifts. This class will help you understand yourself better so that you can better understand how to find real joy in the unique way God has made you.  During this lab, we’ll examine your unique:

  • Desires
  • Experiences
  • Spiritual gifts
  • Individual style and personality
  • Growth phase and
  • Natural talents.  

This class is perfect for folks who want to understand how God’s designed them and how God can use them to change their world.

July 19 – August 9

The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller

with Dave Larson

Marriage is a glorious relationship that is also misunderstood and mysterious. Modern culture would have you believe that everyone has a soul mate; that romance is the most important part of a successful marriage; that your spouse is there to help you realize your potential; that marriage does not mean forever, but merely for now; and that starting over after a divorce is the best solution to seemingly intractable marriage issues. But these modern-day assumptions are wrong. This lab is for folks - married, single, engaged, or hoping to get married - who want to find a captivating vision for marriage, as well as gain practical instruction on how to have a more successful marriage.  

NOTE: This class's required material is the book The Meaning of Marriage by Tim KellerYou can purchase this book either in hard copy or digital copy by clicking on the link, or buy it where  ever books are sold.

July 19 - August 16

Parenting with Love and Logic

with Mary Eschen

Do you wish that parenting came with a Field Manual?  This course walks through the acclaimed Love and Logic course, which features best practices on how to raise self-confident, motivated children who are ready for the real world. This class - which features clear best practices and super-practical tips - will help you learn how to parent effectively while teaching your children responsibility and growing their character.  Whether you’re a brand-new parent, or have teenagers, through this lab you’ll learn how to establish healthy control through easy-to-implement steps without anger, threats, nagging, or power struggles.

NOTE: This lab comes with a materials cost of $100 per person or $110 per couple (this includes the cost of any childcare needed.)  If you or your family cannot afford this, there are scholarships available.

Jun 21 – Aug 2 (No Lab July 12)

Explore Christianity and the Bible

with David Kim + David Tieche + Ryan Wong

Ninety percent of Americans own a copy of the Bible, and while it's the most widely read book in the world, it's also the least understood.  This lab is for folks who have questions about the Bible (or are skeptical of the Bible) and have been looking for a place to ask those questions.  It’s also perfect for people who are new to the faith or are just interested in a fun and intellectually-engaging crash course in the major ideas, themes and characters of this vast book.  By the end, you’ll have gained a more cohesive understanding of the Bible and will be able to navigate this ancient and important book.

Jun 21 - August 2 (No Lab July 12)




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to Jun 19

Club 45 Summer Camp



Are you looking for fun opportunities for your child this summer? Consider an awesome week of fun, friends, and Jesus at Mount Hermon Redwood Christian Camp. This fun and spiritually strong program for incoming 4th through 6th graders will help grow the relationship your child is developing with the Lord and with his peers.

Mark your calendar, ask your friends, and consider making this life-changing week a part of your child's summer.

Signing up through WestGate for this Club 45 week gives you a discount (total cost $459 and Mount Hermon offers partial scholarships) and enables your child to room with friends from church. Our spots will fill up pretty fast, so please talk about this with your family and watch for our registration email in early February.

Click here for more information about the camp—but please sign up with us, not through the Mt. Hermon website).

JUNE 18 - 24 2017

Redwood Christian Camp

SORRY! Registration is now FULL.

If you would like to sign up for the WAITING LIST, please email Diane Price.

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to Jun 11

Saratoga Campus BBQ



The WestGate Church Saratoga Campus is kicking off summer in the best possible way... with a BBQ!

Come early on Saturday night (or stay late Sunday) and hang out on the grassy knoll with some food, folks, fun and sun.  And all proceeds go toward student camp scholarships!

Be sure and click on the links to the right to pre-purchase your BBQ here.

We'll have a Hawaiian BBQ Chicken meal for $10 and a kids' Hot Dog meal for $5.









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Blood Drive



About every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood. That means, in the time it’s taken you to read this, someone has needed blood.  

But although nearly half of people are able to donate blood, only about 5 percent actually do.  This can result in blood shortages for hospitals.

WestGate Church is partnering with the Stanford Blood Center - which provides blood products to four local hospitals and is a recognized leader in the field of transfusion medicine - to ensure that our local bank of available blood and blood types can provide life-saving transfusions to patients in need.

Give blood.  You could literally save a life.



  • Blood is a living tissue composed of blood cells suspended in plasma.
  • The cellular elements -- red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets -- make up about 45 percent of the volume of whole blood. Plasma (which is 92 percent water) makes up the remaining 55 percent.
  • Blood accounts for approximately 7 percent of a person’s weight.
  • An average sized adult male has about 12 pints of blood.
  • An average sized adult woman has about 9 pints of blood.
  • When you donate blood, your body immediately begins replacing the donated blood volume, so you can safely donate as often as 6 times a year.


JUN 10

12:30 - 6:30pm


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to Sep 13

KidzTown Summer Volunteers


KidzTown Summer Volunteers

How many kids (birth-5th grade) would you guess come to WestGate Church every single weekend?  If you guessed more than 600, then you win.  

And each week, more than 100 volunteers across all our campuses help provide a fun, safe, and creative environment where WestGate Church's kids can make friends and grow in their faith.

Every summer, we ask for folks to step in and give our school-year leaders a break.  Summer is a perfect time to volunteer and check out the Children's Ministry team.

By volunteering, you can use your gifts to strengthen and encourage our littlest ones and their families this summer.

We need volunteers in the following areas:

  • Nursery (6 weeks - 2 years)
  • Preschool (3-5 yrs.)                            
  • Elementary (Kinder - 3rd)
  • Club 45 (4th & 5th)
  • Special Needs Buddies
  • Lobby Hosts

June – August

June – August

June – August

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Have you been thinking about joining a volunteer team at WestGate Church but aren't sure where to serve or how to get started? Well here's your chance to test-drive some of our ministries by signing up for our next Voluntour.

You'll have the opportunity to see ministries in action and talk to some nice folks who are already serving and then see which one is a fit for you.


May 21


(worship center lobby)

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5:00pm 5:00pm

Understanding and Loving Our Muslim Neighbor


Understanding and Loving Our Muslim Neighbor

Today there is lots of confusion about Islam, what it is and what it isn't. Fears over immigration and refugees. Fears about terrorism often associated with Islam. We as Christians are called to love not hate our neighbors.  But in order to love someone, you have to understand their story.

This conference is a chance to explore a bit of the history of Islam and discuss ways Christians can and are leading the way toward peace.

The conference will feature several experts on Islam, some from Arab Christian backgrounds and others who were raised in Muslim families or in Muslim nations.

Join us and invite friends for this conference that will not only inform you but challenge you to Love Your Muslim Neighbor and explore how Christians can help lead the way towards peace.

Confirmed Speakers:

Fouad Masri: Founder and president of the Crescent Project

Ali Hamed: Founder of an organization serving refugees and Muslims throughout the Middle East

Keivan Tehrani: Global Compassion Pastor at WestGate Church

Mustafa: Iraqi MBB. Missionary and Tech Entrepreneur

Kamil Navai: Senior Pastor at the Iranian Christian Church in Sunnyvale

Ali Roohi: Iranian MBB, Engineer and Silicon Valley Church planter


Friday April 28 5:00 PM-6:30 PM 
Special Free Pre-Conference Webinar with Special Guest (Private Link and Password will be sent the week of) 
Note: Friday Night is online only not held at WestGate Church

Sunday April 30, 2:00 PM-5:30 PM 
Main Conference Live at WestGate Church Saratoga Campus in San Jose

APR 30



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to Apr 16

Easter Volunteers



WestGate Church's Easter Services are the most attended services of the year, with hundreds of visitors coming onto our campus to hear the amazing, life-changing news about the Resurrection of Jesus.

We want to make sure these guests have a great experience.  

But it takes more than 350 volunteers to pull this off.

We need your help with parking, greeting folks, watching the kiddos, and serving our special jelly-filled donut holes.  

Get your bunny on, and help us make Easter extra special.  


To make room for our guests on Easter, we are asking folks who call WestGate their home to help.  If you are not attending a service with a guest, the best times to attend are Sunday morning at the 8am service and either of our Saturday night services.  For folks who are able, we also ask you to park offsite across Saratoga Avenue in the Lucky parking lot.

Also, if you are not bringing a guest on Easter, and if you can only attend on Sunday at 9:30am or 11:15am, please plan to go to one of our other venues in the Theater or Gym to make room for those visiting.


APRIL 15 + 16

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“All the armies that ever marched, all the Parliaments that ever sat, all the Kings that ever reigned have not had the impact on the world of this one solitary life.”  – James Allan Francis

There's no doubt that Jesus Christ is the most influential figure in history.  

But why?  

Join us this Easter as we explore the story of the Resurrection of Jesus, an ancient story that still has a powerful impact on us today.  We'll explore why it takes faith to doubt this story, what problems result when you dismiss it out-of-hand, and why we think it's the most beautiful story ever told. 

Saratoga Campus




5:30 + 7pm


5 + 6:40pm


8 + 9:30 + 11:15am

Childcare available for Good Friday services for children ages Nursery - 5th grade.
Children's Programs available for all Easter services for children ages Nursery - 3rd grade.

South Hills, Sunnyvale,
Casa de Fe Campuses






9:30 + 11:15am

Childcare available for Good Friday services for children ages Nursery - 5th grade (except for Sunnyvale Campus, which will be nursery-preschool).
Children's Programs available for all Easter services for children ages Nursery - 3rd grade.

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to Apr 12

Footsteps to the Cross


Footsteps to the Cross

Footsteps to the Cross is a self-guided, hands-on prayer experience to help you prepare for Easter.  The experience will invite you to slow down and spend some time at various devotional stations reflecting on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  This slow, contemplative experience is geared for anyone age 12 and up.

NOTE: Because this experience is self-guided, you can stop by any time between 7-9pm.

APR 11-12 :: 7-9pm

Saratoga Theatre

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to Apr 13

Walk With Jesus



Walk with Jesus is a multi-sensory experience for families with children in K-5th grade. This interactive self-guided tour covers the major events leading to the Cross and is designed specifically for families to experience together and to help children understand the beauty and importance of the death and resurrection of Jesus. Childcare is available for children younger than kindergarten. 

APRIL 11 - 13


sorry... this event is now full

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Beautiful Day
to Apr 2

Beautiful Day



Beautiful Day is the time where we take church out into the community.  Our goal is to inspire an army of volunteers and – together – to love our city well and in the process, show the Bay Area a little bit more about what Jesus is really like. 

Registration for Beautiful Day projects is now open!. There are 12 amazing high-impact service projects across the city.  Go to the Beautiful Day website to find out which project is right for you and sign up.    

APRIL 1 + 2


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7:00pm 7:00pm

Night of Prayer and Worship



As a part of our 90 Days of Prayer initiative, we will have one night per month where the entire WestGate Church family will gather together for a night of worship and prayer.  Join us for a time of worship in song, moments of silence and reflection and times of prayer for our families, our cities, or world and our own needs.  

MAR 24 7-9pm


Need Childcare? RSVP here:

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9:00am 9:00am

Women's Soul Care Retreat



Noise and hurry are just part of life in the Silicon Valley—but they are also hazardous to your soul.

Don’t worry… we’ve got a solution.  Join us Saturday, March 18th for our Soul Care Day at the Presentation Center, a peaceful 67-acre oasis of peace and nature tucked among the redwoods at the base of the Santa Cruz Mountains in Los Gatos.

There will be times of guided reflection, but really, the whole day is a chance to slow down, drink in nature, and spend time with God.


$49 if you register before FEB 14
$55 thereafter

MAR 18th 9am-4pm

Presentation Center in Los Gatos

SIgn up by FEB 28th!

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