Every year, WestGate sends 6-10 teams of people to serve alongside our supported missionaries and partner organizations that operate in dozens of nations on nearly every continent (Sorry Antartica!). We preach the Gospel, help alleviate poverty, build fresh water wells,  train leaders and participate in building projects.

Compassion partners

WestGate partners with dozens of amazing individuals and organizations across the globe and right here in the Bay Area. To find out more about the profound and transformative work these extended members of the WestGate Church family are doing, please check out our latest Compassion Immersion Booklet:


WestGate Water is our grassroots effort to collect recyclables during our weekend gatherings, crush them, sort them, turn them in for their CRV value. We use the money to build clean-water wells for people around the world.  In the past three years, WestGate Water has redeemed 18.8 tons of plastic and 5 tons of aluminum, raising more than $160,000 and has fully funded 34 water projects, providing water to 32,000 people.


LOUD stands for Living Out Unselfish Devotion, and it's our way of giving generously beyond our own walls to provide care for the people of our city and for those in need around the globe.  One hundred percent of all money pledged to LOUD will go to organizations who educate, feed, clothe, provide shelter, heal, protect, comfort, provide hope and promote human flourishing.  

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